Let’s face it!  Just the thought of bankruptcy is overwhelming.  Complicated forms to fill out, math calculations to perform, even opening up and looking at your bills seems terrifying.  But when you hire the right attorney, the complications vanish.  All you need to do is provide your attorney with a few simple documents, like your pay stubs and tax returns, answer some basic questions about your life, take a couple of online classes (one of which is just watching a movie) and show up for a meeting with your attorney at a federal office building.  Bankruptcy could solve your financial problems if you need serious help with overwhelming debts. Turn to Las Vegas Bankruptcy Attorney Dorothy Bunce for answers.  In over 30 years of working on Bankruptcy cases in Nevada, Attorney Dorothy Bunce has helped more clients than she can count through the bankruptcy process.   Help is available to get your life back on the right track quickly & with a minimum amount of stress!

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Underwater homes

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Attorney Dorothy Bunce began practicing Bankruptcy law in Nevada in 1979 & since 1999 handles only Bankruptcy & debt cases.
Underwater homes have sent many Las Vegas residents into Bankruptcy Court for the kind of debt relief only the U.S. government provides.
Other than your family, your paycheck can be the most important thing you have and you must protect it!

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